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Why I came to Brazil and Why I Left

written by admin December 29, 2016

Living the Fun Life in Florianopolis, Brazil:

I first visited Brazil in January of 2008.  I had recently taken up surfing in the mountain lakes of Montana and wanted to take my newly learned skills to the ocean.  I was debating between going to Australia or Brazil.  After seeing the images of Florianopolis, Brazil became my choice. 

Before going I used Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur to learn the basics of Portuguese.

Florianopolis, also known as “Floripa” by locals, is actually a large island off of the coast of Southern Brazil. 

It’s a stunning location to live or visit with over 40 beaches and some of Brazils most beautiful and happy people.  Think of it as the Miami of South America where the rich from Brazil and surrounding countries come to vacation and party. 

DJs from all around the world come for the parties and club events that regularly attract crowds of over 10,000 to a single event.

The people of Brazil are the most friendly and passionate I have met. 

Holidays are so common that rarely does anyone even know what the actual holiday is for.  And holidays in Floripa mean a chance to go to the beach! 

Sexuality in Brazil is celebrated and not hidden away as if it is some kind of sickness.  It’s perfectly fine to look at other people and even talk about them.  Gossip is rampant in Brazil!  But it’s all in good fun.  What Brazil lacks is the harsh criticism of Western Culture.  I’ve literally watched old ladies in Brazil laugh out loud at the foreigners on their beaches with their gigantic swimsuits.  Being beautiful and showing it is rewarded with positive glances from both sexes instead of disdain.   

One of the things I always miss when I leave Brazil are the great buffet lunches.  Lunch is actually the main meal in Brazil.

After discovering Floripa in 2008, I have lived there part time ever since.

In 2014 my wife and I welcomed our daughter into the world.  But when gun shots went off just outside our house we decided it was time to leave Brazil.  We were on a mission to find a country like Brazil but without the problems – the next best place.  We travelled to 18 countries in 18 months.  But we didn’t find any country like Brazil.  Not even close 🙂

We’re now back in Brazil and trying again to live here full time.  I’ll say the only reason we left the first time is the crime.  Even on the beautiful island of Florianopolis you can’t escape Brazil’s worse problem.   But we’re here again because it’s the funnest place to live.

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