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KL Traders Hotel versus Mandarin Oriental

written by admin December 14, 2016

Kuala Lumpur is a surprisingly modern city.  It’s the capital city of Malaysia and at one time it could claim ownership to the tallest buildings in the world – the Petronas Towers.

If you are coming to Kuala Lumpur, locally known as just KL, you probably have it on your list to see these building beautiful buildings.

And you might have already found out the two hotels with the supposed best views are the Traders Hotel & the Mandarin Oriental.  I just finished a short stay at each and can tell you the hotel with the absolute best view of the Petronas Towers is the Traders Hotel.

What makes it the best view?

The Mandarin Oriental is located literally right next to the Petronas Towers.  You can easily get a room with a view. But being so close you can’t take in the whole buildings.  Your view will be dominated by just a small portion of the towers.

The Traders Hotel is located about a ten minute walk southeast of the Petronas Towers.  The hotel is facing squarely to the towers.   It’s just enough distance that you get a full view of the towers from many of the hotel’s available rooms.  The SkyBar restaurant located near the top of the building also offer spectacular views of the towers.

If you are spending more time in Kuala Lumpur you might also consider staying at the Fraser Residence which offers large apartment style 4 start hotel rooms at very reasonable prices.  There’s a great view of the towers as well.

And finally for a view of KL from an infinity swimming pool the private residences at the Regalia Residence can’t be beat.  These are privately owned condos and many are offered for rent on a daily basis through the website:  www.AirBnB.com

I’ve recently stayed at all four and if you have only one choice and you are on a short term stay I’d recommend the Traders Hotel.  Best Travels!

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