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We were going to Bali in a few weeks.  Our tickets and accommodations were booked and in the meantime we were enjoying absolutely perfect weather in nearby Phuket, Thailand.  I say Phuket is “nearby” because on a global scale these two tropical paradises were neighbors in my mind. But the reality is over 3000 km separates them.

I had also assumed that the dry season in Phuket also meant the dry season in Bali – big mistake!!

Bali Rain Season

Our Villa had a Private Pool! Nice!!

After leaving Phuket, we came to Bali on January 18 and stayed for 30 days.  It rained for 29 of the 30 days.  And on many days the rain was a constant downpour for hours.

I had read on blogs that Bali was a great place to visit year around. After spending a month during the rain season I’d have to say I don’t recommend. 

Unless you like cloudy skies, mosquitos and wet clothes you should avoid Bali during the rainy season. 

Bali has six months of dry weather. 

Plan your Bali trip between May and October. 

Those are the best months with July & August being the best. 

More reasons to come in the dry season:Bali Rainy Season

  • This also happens to be when waves are the best for surfers
  • Visibility for snorkeling and diving is best

We had a chance to go back to Bali in May.  The weather was so much better and we had a great time on our second visit.  

Bali is amazing destination.  We just visited 18 countries in 18 months and Indonesia strongly stands out as a place we are desperate to get back to. And in particular Bali and the islands close to it.  But we will be making our third trip there during the dry season!

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