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24 Week Schedule

Many owners have wanted to expand the NFL regular season to 18 games as it gives them the chance to make more money but they are going about the expansion the wrong way. They want more games. But players are already banged up from the physicality of crunching 16 games into a 17 week schedule.

If the NFL expanded to 24 weeks but kept the game schedule to just 16 games they could give more players time to recover from injuries.

While people affiliate the NFL with Sundays, the games are currently televised Mondays, Thursdays, Sundays and occasionally Saturdays. That’s four of the seven days.

Currently the Monday and Thursday night games are routinely bad.  With just one game it’s hit or miss on whether good teams are going to be playing on those nights. And lately it’s been a showcase of more bad teams than good.

I’d propose getting rid of Monday night football.

I propose scheduling one game for Saturday primetime.  This game should feature top teams.  It should be considered the top game of the week with only Sunday night primetime being the other slot where top teams should be scheduled.  I’d continue to allow for games to be flexed on Sunday nights.

Now here is the big shakeup:  I’d move half the games to the middle of the week
It means playing games on Wednesday and Thursday nights.  With 8 games expected to be played it will give some great games so we won’t be stuck in the 1 game that sucks hole that Thursday night has become.

Each team would swap schedules between mid-week and weekends.  It effectively gives them an average of 9-10 days rest between games instead of just six as it is now.

Why it makes sense for fans:

The NFL season is too short! Fans are shortchanged with just a 17 week regular season. Stretch it out over 24 weeks and we get almost two more months of football!

Not only do we get more football but we also get more opportunities to watch other teams. Currently with so many teams playing at the same time it gives a very limited opportunity to follow multiple teams. The expanded weekend games as well as the extra weeknight games give fans more chances to support the sport.

How players win: Players get more time to rest their bodies.

How owners win: Financially the sport is giving away the excellent opportunity to make money on Saturdays. I personally don’t enjoy college football nearly as much as the NFL. And if I had the chance to watch on Saturdays including Saturday night I’m sure I would love that opportunity. Why are they just giving that day away to college sports? I don’t get it.

And with concussions needing more time to heal this seems like a no brainer way to help alleviate these issues while making a ton more money to the owners through expanded TV deals.

Also it gives teams who travel to places like London and Mexico more time to recover from those trips.

The only downside is that you could argue Sunday day games take a slight hit.  But with so much upside this seems like a small price to pay.  Anyways if you wanted a way to have two more months of football, less concussion issues, less injury issues in general here ya go!

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