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The idea is you don’t eat beef and you save a cow’s life.  If only it were that simple.  The reality is eating beef allows more cows to be brought to life.  And then killed.  It’s a cruel twist where if cows were not wanted to be eaten they wouldn’t be given the chance to live.  What a conundrum.

Choosing to be a vegetarian isn’t saving a cow’s life. But you are off the hook for having a cow killed for your food.

Corporate "Farming"

Corporate cattle farming conditions like this are the norm. Are you supporting this?

Nowadays the vast majority of cows are owned by corporations.  Large scale agricultural has taken away any chance these cows had at enjoying a good life. Many cows live indoors their entire life.  They never see a pasture. Others are outdoors but are kept in such small confinement they live their life standing on their own feces.  Stressful conditions like this should be illegal for any living creature but are presently being allowed.  All for the purpose of saving money.  It’s really sad.  And it’s completely ignored by the media.  The corporate “ranchers” are being given a free pass for abusing life.  It’s a shame.

I have an instinct and urge to eat meat.  I’m not happy with it but it’s in me.  I also feel there is a more responsible way to eat meat that gives cows a chance to live a better life before dying.  Before massive agricultural companies came into existence the small scale farmer did things in a way that was a lot easier to accept.  Their cows were born into a world where they could step out into real pasture that was often grass.  They could soak up days in the sun.  They could enjoy life.  Sure at some point they were killed but at least in the time in between they enjoyed a normal quality of life that any living thing should have. 

Free Range CattleThere are countries where cows have a chance.  New Zealand comes to mind.  I was recently visiting the country and in the grocery store I had a hard time finding any beef that said “organic” or “free range”.  Well it turns out all the cows in the entire country are free range!  No need for fancy packaging in that case.  What a great surprise. So the entire world has not yet been turned into a corporate nightmare.

In summary:

  1. Vegetarians are not saving the lives of cows.  If they were to eat cows they would actually be giving more cows the chance to live.  I’m not talking down on vegetarians.  I admire them and really think it’s great they are able to live without eating beef.
  2. Large scale agricultural corporations are abusing cows in a way that if you ever saw the abuse first hand, you would likely want to become a vegetarian – the key is to not have a blind eye but rather avoid buying beef that was not raised humanely – no more fast food is a good start.
  3. Buying your beef from stores that source from small farms is the best way to show your support for humanely raised beef.  It sucks that cows have to die for us to eat beef.  The least we can do is to pay a little extra to help give the cows we eat a better life.
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