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Back in Brazil after 18 Countries in 18 Months

written by admin December 29, 2016

Growing up as an army brat I always had the chance to travel.  We moved homes usually every two years and when you are in the Army that sometimes mean more than just changing states – we changed continents. 

I’m lucky my parents introduced me to the lifestyle.  And that they also trusted me to get an early start with traveling on my own.  By age 16 I was already off traveling to other countries. 

Nowadays I’m working online and it gives me the freedom to continue to travel.  Mind you I picked my job knowing that it would give me this freedom. I didn’t stumble into it.  And for those of you are stuck in the wrong job, it really is a choice no matter how many excuses you might give yourself.

It’s not easy.  I’ve given up on having a fixed residence.  I don’t own anything of any real value.  But I also don’t have any debts.  And it means I have the freedom to go virtually anywhere.

I travel with my wife and two year old daughter.  It’s amazing how much stuff you can travel with.  Most airlines are very liberal on how much free stuff you can bring for babies.  When we first started our around the world adventure we were lugging along a baby crib, stroller and baby seat in addition to our baby’s must need stuff:  food, clothes, diapers, etc.  You can imagine the scene just bringing along her stuff. But also keep in mind I like to take pictures and I work online.  It means for me a lot of electronics including a drone and underwater gear for diving.  My wife never likes to wear the same outfit twice.  Now you are probably really beginning to imagine how much luggage we travel with!!  But we pull it off.  Also we drink our breakfasts which are a mix of special cow friendly whey protein and a mix of green grasses.  This usually means we have an entire luggage just filled with our breakfasts.  Crazy and insane.  And completely the opposite of what most of the professional travel bloggers say.  They usually encourage you to only take what you can get in your backpack.  I’ve done that before too.  And am not sure what the point of that is.  But I guess if you are single, on a short trip and you want to avoid waiting for your luggage to come off the plane it might make sense for you.

In the past 18 months we visited 18 countries and I worked the entire time.  We went to some remote locations but everywhere we went we had at least some form of internet.  For example, we went to the outskirts of Iceland to see the Northern Lights.  Pleasantly in the middle of nowhere there was high speed internet.  More recently we went to the tiny island nation of Tonga in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  We were there to swim with Humpback Whales.  Our island got the electricity fed off of generators powered by solar panels and yes we had internet 🙂

Now we’re back in Brazil and while we rented a place for a year we still plan to travel significantly.  We’re hoping to get to these spots:  Dominican Island, Mexico, Indonesia, Alaska, Italy and Norway.

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