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3 Quick Tips to Being a Better Photographer

written by admin December 13, 2016

I’m certainly not a professional and my technical skills & knowledge would make most professional photographers laugh. But I have taken enough photos over the years to offer some ideas for aspiring photographers to make their images better.

Tip #1 – Start by making photos of compelling subjects.

I can’t imagine anything more important than this. If you want a great photo put something in your viewfinder that is going to excite people.  Here’s a start:

Parliament in Budapest

Parliament in Budapest, Hungary

Two compelling subjects in the same shot is even better:

Chain Bridge in front of Parliament

The Chain Bridge with Parliament in the background

And another example:

Parliament from Fisherman's Bastion

Sexy & Parliament – oohlala!

An average shot of something special is still going to excite a lot more than a technically great shot of something boring.

Tip #2 – Take photos of amazing things at the right time!

Most everyone knows sunrises and sunsets are some of the best times to make photos. But just before sunrise is an interesting time.  You have enough light for your camera to make a great capture:

Torres del Paine at dawn sunrise

Torres del Paine at dawn El Chalten, Argentina

And just after sunrise you can catch a sunburst if you shoot with your lens closed down (smaller aperture like f16 or higher):

Triple Falls in Glacier National Park

Triple Falls, Glacier NP
Montana, USA

Tip #3 – get close enough to fill your image with your subject

It means finding the right angle and position so that what you frame is truly the best part of the scene. Cut out the rest!

Grizzley Bear in Katmai NP

Grizzley Bear in Katmai NP Alaska, USA

My friend, David Bank of London England, is a professional photographer.  He took this outstanding daytime image of Rio de Janeiro:

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

I took a similar image standing at the same spot but at dawn and focused on the main part of the city with Sugarloaf Mountain in the center:

Rio de Janeiro at dawn

Rio de Janeiro


Equipment is not going to make or break your images. I’m currently using an Olympus model camera that was made in 2012. If you want a full run down on the equipment I use and why see here:

Hope you get some great photos!

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